Comparing Creation

Here lately I have started noticing that all I do is compare myself to others. This is a very dangerous thought process to have and it is a bad habit that we all need to nip in the bud. I constantly find myself thinking terrible thought that make me feel like less of a woman. … Continue reading Comparing Creation


Waiting for the Train

It's never fun dusting off the ole' black funeral dress. Hanging it up until it's time to get ready to leave...Until it's time to pay your respects to a loved one lost.  It's never easy to say goodbye and sometimes you don't even get to.  You hear people tell others not to cry for them … Continue reading Waiting for the Train

Peas in a Pod: Playing Pretend, Prayer, & Percentages

  I don't normally talk politics because honestly I am not very educated when it comes to the game. But this morning I came across a video of President Trump  praying at the western wall in Jerusalem.  Setting aside everyone's personal opinions about the president and his job performance I found this event extremely encouraging.  … Continue reading Peas in a Pod: Playing Pretend, Prayer, & Percentages